FAQ/Business Updates

Hello all you beautiful people! I'm so glad you felt compelled to visit my website and check out my products. 

Do you accept custom orders? 
I do accept custom orders. Sometimes customs are closed when I am very busy. I require a deposit up front before I even purchase your yarn. If you want a simple top similar to the kind of designs I already do (such as, a third eye top in custom colors), please place an order with the Custom Top listing. If you want something more complex, please send me a message to discuss your idea and I will determine pricing from there. 

Why are there no products on your website?
If there are no products on my website, it's because I sold out! If that's the case, it means I am working tirelessly on a restock. I usually restock once a month towards the end of the month. 

Why are your prices so high? Your prices used to be a lot lower. Why are some products more expensive than others?
When I first started, I almost exclusively utilized cheap acrylic yarn in my business because most of my sales were coming from friends and family and I wanted to keep my prices as affordable as possible. I was also undercharging by a lot for a VERY long time because I didn't know how to properly price handmade crochet. Some products cost more than others due to the quality of the yarn used. Cotton yarn and higher quality, soft acrylic yarn is more expensive than low quality "value" yarn that is itchy and uncomfortable. The average crop top also takes between 3-6 hours to make (and other products, like skirts and sweaters take even longer), so if my prices seem high compared to big box stores crochet that is because I am paying myself a living wage. Crochet cannot be machine made, so if you see a crochet top in a store for $20, that item is usually made with unethical means.