Teal and Purple Tie-Front Top (M/L)


Handmade with love
100% acrylic yarn
Best fits M/L
Full back, tie in front and around neck only

Image of Maroon Tie Front Vest (L/XL)
Maroon Tie Front Vest (L/XL)
Image of Pink Fuzzy Tie Front Vest (XS/S)
Pink Fuzzy Tie Front Vest (XS/S)
Image of Pink/Purple/Blue Evelyn Top (S/M)
Pink/Purple/Blue Evelyn Top (S/M)
Image of Lavender Tie Front Top (L/XL)
Lavender Tie Front Top (L/XL)
Image of Cropped Patchwork Sweater Vest (M/L)
On sale
Cropped Patchwork Sweater Vest (M/L)
Image of Multicolored Tan Evelyn Top (XS/S)
Multicolored Tan Evelyn Top (XS/S)
Image of Custom LoveBeav Top
Custom LoveBeav Top
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